About Ace Driving School


If you are looking at getting your license but you can’t find an appointment online with Queensland Transport, call us because we have bookings available.

Ace Driving School provides affordable lessons from 6.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Saturday, with a pick-up service from home, work or school to help with your busy schedule.

We offer an affordable and unique learning experience for learner drivers. We give novice drivers the chance to safely build experience on the road and improve defensive driving skills as they move from a learner to a fully experienced and safe driver.

We also offer refresher lessons for over sea’s licence holders as well as people who simply haven’t driven for a while and need a confidence boost. We also offer training for corporate business who want to make sure that their employee’s driving skills are safe before handing over a company car. We can issue them with a certificate that says they have completed driving session and they show that they are competent in vehicle control.

Giving You The Confidence You Need

  • Friendly & Patient Driving Instructors
  • Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Learn System of Vehicle Control
  • Corporate refresher training
  • Automatic & Manual Air-conditioned Cars
  • All Suburbs & Greater Brisbane Area

Your driving instructor is a very important content of your lesson, “ACE” has patient driving instructors who are well trained in catering for the nervous and novice driver. We understand the importance of road safety and incorporate various defensive driving techniques in our daily driving lessons to increase driver awareness. Our instructors have completed certificate IV in Motor Vehicle Driving Instruction and are fully accredited Driver Trainers, and we are constantly reviewing their standard to maintain the highest possible level of instruction to give you value for money. Instructors also hold a Queensland Government issued Suitability Card.

All bookings and changes are made by our office staff who can relay messages to the instructors; this helps to ensure your lessons flow without unnecessary interruptions.


What makes us professional driver trainers?


Each Instructor must meet a strict criteria set by Ace Driving School policies and procedures.  Queensland Transport and Children services also have strict criteria which must be followed including a Code of Conduct to make all our clients safe and feel safe when they are with us.

Ace Driving School was established in 1960. That is a lot of years of supplying the best quality service and training which continues today.

All our instructors not just have to obtain a level 4 certificate in driver training and be passed as having a clean driving and criminal record, they also have to complete a driver training course that Ace driving school senior trainers take them through. This course teaches them everything not covered in to cert 4 courses. Their personnel driving skills, their attire and hygiene must also be at the highest level. Their best interest is in the safety of their client, other road users.

We have had trainers that have been with us for 20 years and that is all they do. They are full time trainers with the most professional experience and ability to make you a safe driver throughout your driving career.

We often get asked if we get nervous- no we don’t as that would make you feel uncomfortably.

Do you yell at your clients- no we don’t as it is not necessary to do that when you are in control of what is happening and you are a professional trainer plus that would only stress you and the trainer out.

Have you had any crashes that were your fault? We haven’t but a couple of close calls. That is why we have the dual controls and have had training in how to avoid this from happening.

We believe the quality of your instructor is the most important content to maximise your learning. Your instructor will be patient and is well trained in catering for the nervous and novice driver. We understand the importance of road safety and incorporate defensive driving techniques in our daily driving lessons to increase driver awareness

If you have tried another driving school and then us, I personally guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our training and service.