How a Brisbane driving school helps you learn the lay of the land

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How a Brisbane driving school helps you learn the lay of the land

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Photo credit: Fishyone1 via Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

A Brisbane driving school, like Ace, helps its students learn to drive safely. But for students with a good memory, there’s a lot more they can learn. Lessons with a Brisbane driving school take you all over the city, so you learn driving routes alongside how to execute a perfect U-turn.


Putting a student in the driver’s seat forces them to pay attention to where they’re going and how they arrive at any certain point. Learner drivers, for a long time, have sat  on the passenger side and watched the world go by outside the window. They didn’t really notice how they get from point A to B. When they start with a Brisbane driving school, this all changes.


Ace Driving School services all Brisbane metro areas, from Chermside to Eight Mile Plains. That’s a lot of ground that gets covered on any given day. For the first couple of lessons, the instructors stay local so the students get familiar with driving around their home ground. They slowly level up to motorways, bridges, and busy roads. Students actively learn how to get places, from home to school to their friends’ houses or any other destination.


A Brisbane driving school helps their students learn the lay of the land better than a GPS. They’ll go through the back streets, through large roundabouts, and navigate traffic on busy roads with a professional on their side. A GPS is good for directing you around the city and avoiding tolls, but it won’t tell you how to parallel park.


Ace Driving School shows learners how to drive so they can get from point A to B safely, but it’s not at all passive learning. Learners must be switched on and alert. And who knows? They might just remember a particular route the next time they go out on the road.