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May 19, 2017
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July 7, 2017

Cheap driving lessons for teens

cheap driving lessons

Price is the main factor behind choosing a driving school and customers are constantly looking for cheap driving lessons. Sometimes parents give their teenagers the responsibility of buying lessons, making cost especially important.


Quality for cheap

Taking cheap driving lessons doesn’t mean driving in circles for an hour. It’s an instructor’s duty to teach their students how to drive safely and understand road rules. Professional driving instructors must have a Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics and follow the policies and procedures the driving school has set.


Location, location, location

Most might think about starting their driving lessons from home, but teenagers are at school for most of the day. They also have casual jobs, extracurricular activities, and other responsibilities. Driving schools aren’t rigid in scheduling; they’re actually quite flexible. Teenage students can arrange for their driving lessons before or after school. They can even ask their instructor to pick them up after work and complete the lesson then.

Driving instructors will start out in a small area so their students aren’t overwhelmed. As they get more experience, the driving area will widen to include motorways, roads and streets with steep inclines, and suburbs that seem far from home.


Package deals

Cheap driving lessons can get even cheaper if they’re bought in packs. Three, five, or even ten-lesson packs are available at discounted rates, depending on the school. Ace, for example, has a three lesson intro pack for $165. This might look expensive, but three lessons with a driving instructor equals nine hours of experience in a learner’s logbook. Call the driving school and ask what packages are available.

It’s overwhelming looking for driving lessons; even more so when you’re looking for cheap ones. Tasking teenagers with finding cheap driving lessons will teach them that it’s important to take responsibility for this next step in their future.