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October 29, 2016
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Choosing a Driving School


Learning to drive is an exciting time; the student gets their license, hops in the car and; not so fast. The idea of learning to drive is exciting, but there is a lot more to it than having a parent sit in the passenger seat and telling you to turn left or right. Picking a driving school can be a challenge, but there are some points to make the choice a bit easier.


Driving lessons and learner hours

By law, a learner has to complete one hundred hours of driving before they can take the test for their provisional licence. Driving lessons can ease this burden slightly. One lesson with an instructor is worth three hours driving time. To prevent learners taking shortcuts, the amount of lessons with this privilege are capped to ten.


Driving schools and what to look for

When you enter the realm of learning how to drive, there are plenty of schools vying for your attention. Checking schools that service your area is a good place to start. Reviews from past students are helpful as well and many referrals come from friends or word of mouth.


When picking a school to drive with there are points to consider. Certifications are required from the state government for driving and working with minors. Cars must be fitted with pedals on the passenger side in case the instructor needs to take control from the student.


Each school is uniue with their packages and their ethics. At Ace we can offer packages to make the lessons more affordable and of course you can take as many lessons as they feel you need before taking the test. We can book your driving test for you and provide our vehicle on the day. Students prefer this option to take the stress out of arranging the test themselves.
Picking an affordable, convenient and reliable driving school may seem like a challenge at first. Reviews are a big factor and can be easily found on Google and Facebook. To save time and hassle we book your test for you. Our job at Ace Driving School is to help you be the best driver you can be and help you pass your test with flying colours.