Defensive Driving Techniques

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October 29, 2016
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October 29, 2016

Defensive Driving Techniques


I am speaking to you today to inform and make you aware of some defensive driving techniques that I have found very handy over my many years of driving.

I am probably not the best driver in the world but I have 45 years of experience. What I have found and you will to when you are out driving by yourself that you have to think for not only yourself but the other road users whether they be vehicle drivers, bike riders, cyclists or pedestrians. Always expect the unexpected is my motto. The best defensive driving technique is:

1) Recognise the hazard, (the sooner the better)

2) Work out your defence, (the need to slow down, brake or change directions)

3) Act in time, (Give yourself time to check your mirrors and take the action required.)

Most crashes happen at Intersections- following too close- being followed too close- overtaking- being overtaken and driving too close to the centre of the road. By using defensive driving techniques and looking ahead and around will allow you to eliminate these incidents. We at Ace will incorporate many defensive driving techniques into your lessons.

Give me (Paul) a call and ask how and why these defensive driving techniques work for me. Oh and I need to mention the best technique is to have no distraction. You know what I mean.