Don’t underestimate your driving instructor

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July 7, 2017
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Don’t underestimate your driving instructor

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Don’t underestimate your driving instructor: they hold your future on the road in their hands. The team at Ace Driving School is patient, qualified, and fully capable of putting their students at ease.

‘What makes you so qualified? Every driving school is, right?’. That’s not an uncommon thought, but at Ace we regularly review our standards and performance. We don’t take in anyone who lacks the right papers. To work as a driving instructor, you need:

The course we conduct includes how to work with clients, attire, and hygiene among other things. Every driving instructor with us is also required to follow a Code of Conduct sent out from Queensland Transport.

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Your driving instructor is also your ticket to passing your test. That’s the end goal for all learners. Ace instructors can book tests for their clients, as well, ticking off two tasks at once. You can even use the car for your lessons in your test, so you at least have something familiar. The instructors have prepared plenty of students for their test, most of whom pass. No two tests are the same, but we run through every possibility.

Our driving school is well-versed in Brisbane’s roads, hills, and motorways. The instructors at Ace naturally have an excellent memory and will take you on an adventure over the ten lessons you have. You’ll get pushed out of your comfort zone slightly, but it’ll make you a better driver. You might even remember some of the routes you took after getting your license and start to drive alone.

The average person misjudges any driving instructor they see on the road. They get annoyed just by getting ‘stuck’ behind a learner driver. The members of the Ace team must go through rigorous tests of their own before they can even start teaching. And that’s not all. Driving instructors are trained to have a calming presence. They need to have knowledge in some admin if they’re to book tests, and on top of this, they make lesson plans based on each student and their progress. Your driving instructor isn’t someone to underestimate, ever.