Safe Driving Is Everyone’s Responsibility
October 29, 2016
Defensive Driving Techniques
October 29, 2016

Driver Training


What’s important to you when selecting a driver training school? No doubt, you would like your instructor to be courteous and see hazards up ahead so they can guide you and talk you through it. Remember, our vehicles are fitted with controls for the instructor in the event you need assistance (especially a brake pedal). This is just one of the ways we keep you safe when you’re driver training at Ace.

Looking ahead of the car will make a big difference in how prepared you are for evasive action. Even things like slowing down, watching for pedestrians or spotting a potential problem with another car will become second nature with our driver training.

It’s important that you become familiar with your emotions when driving. Reducing your anxiety or nervousness is an important part of staying in control of your car. Our instructors have years of experience and have passed the Certificate 4 qualification as well as our strict standards (and driving assessment) to give you the best the industry has to offer. Driver training with Ace will become your favourite activity of the week.

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