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Driving lessons in a manual or an automatic?
April 28, 2017
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Driving School
May 12, 2017

Driving Instructors


Driving instructors are a key ingredient to your successful driving future. Here at Ace we pride ourselves on vetting our drivers before they are allowed to interact with you. This entails the owner of the business, Paul Jarrett, checking that they have the necessary qualifications followed by interviewing them to make sure they have the right disposition and fit for Ace Driving School. Paul then acts as a student would in a test drive to make sure the instructor can guide the student through the learning to drive process. We want you to have the best driving instructors in the industry so we go the extra mile to make sure your driver trainer is the right person for the job.


Having the best driving instructors is our priority so we can keep you, ourselves and other road users safe. We are in a position of trust and we also have to abide by the code of conduct and hold a valid suitability card all set up by the Queensland government.


With over 55 years of experience teaching learners in all Brisbane suburbs we have learnt that not every client needs the same training so we have to be diverse with our knowledge and skills to suit one and all.


Our driving instructors know Brisbane like the back of their hand so we are able to train you in every situation whether it is adverse or normal driving situations. Our driving instructors will turn up on time for your lesson and they will be well presented. We do this because we don’t want you to feel stressed or forgotten about before your first lesson even gets started. Our instructors are trained to keep and make you feel comfortable in your learning environment.


Don’t hesitate to give Paul a call with any queries about lessons, worries or concerns about your Son or Daughter’s progress in their learning.