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February 13, 2017
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Driving School Brisbane Northside
April 7, 2017

Driving lessons Brisbane

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Our driving lessons Brisbane are carried out in dual controlled cars. We have automatic and manual cars fitted out with an extra rear view mirror for the trainer to use to help keep everyone safe.

Your teacher will check his rear view mirror before giving you any instructions where there is a move that involves you to move the car on the road. As a driver it is also your responsibility to check your mirrors at least every 10 seconds in general driving, before and after you brake and before and after you turn or move your car on the road.

The car that your trainer will teach you in is also well maintained with air conditioning for the driver comfort. Ace do driving lessons Brisbane because we want everyone to have the chance to be the best driver they can be. Our passion towards road safety is what we teach our trainers so they can pass on safe driver habits to you.

When you have decided you need a car with dual controls and a professional trainer to learn from the best place to start is driving lessons Brisbane with Ace.

To make your training easy and affordable Ace will always send you the same teacher for every lesson and we have special offers to help your budget. It is our aim to design your car driving future so that as a driver you will drive safely and legally each and every time you are a driver of your car or someone else’s. As a driver it is also your responsibility to use defensive driving techniques as much as it is your trainer’s responsibility to teach them to you.

Remember to get the best trainer and the best service with affordable prices, driving lessons in Brisbane with Ace is the place to start your driving future.