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Driving lessons Brisbane
March 29, 2017
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Things to expect from your driving lesson
April 14, 2017

Driving School Brisbane Northside

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When it comes to learning to drive, Ace is your leading Driving School Brisbane Northside. With cars all over Brisbane we come to you whether that be at home, work or school and finish the lesson wherever you need to be, whether that be Strathpine or Aspley or Bald Hills just to name a couple.


Our drivers pride themselves on giving you the best environment to learn to drive, this includes:

  • Not yelling at you,
  • Giving you instructions in a timely manner so you have time respond,
  • Advising what you need to do next so as to take the guess work out of your next move,
  • Well maintained and air conditioned cars for comfort


With our driver trainers you can safely build your confidence to a level where you can drive without their instructions because we give you the skills to handle a range of situations including defensive driving skills. These driving skills will stay with you long after you are finished driving lessons with our school.


We teach you the little tricks of parallel parking, hill starts, reversing the car with confidence, when and how often to check your mirrors and scanning the road for upcoming events like pedestrians or merging cars. We’ve seen it all before so don’t think for a moment that we can’t take you from novice to accomplished driver.


Driving on Brisbane’s Northside is a little bit busy so we will start you off in some quiet little back streets where you have time to process the instructions given to you by your driving instructor. There’s no rush. And remember that all of our cars are fitted with pedals on the trainer’s side so the instructor can take control of the vehicle should you run into difficulties. We’ve got all the driving bases covered.


With a little bit of practise with your parents in between lessons you will quickly start to pick up the basics of driving. And remember that 10 hours of driving with Ace equals 30 hours in your log book. While on the subject of log books, remember to bring it to every lesson and bring your license too.


Happy motoring from the team at Ace.

If you live on the Northside of Brisbane we would love you to join us in becoming a learner driver. Chermside, Stafford and Kedron are particularly busy suburbs for us but we operate anywhere on Brisbane Northside.


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