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Things to expect from your driving lesson
April 14, 2017
driving lesson
Driving Lessons
April 21, 2017

Driving School North Brisbane

Photo credit: Lenny K Photography via Visual Hunt / CC BY

In North Brisbane, the driving school you want to turn to and take the confusion out of all those road signs is Ace Driving School. We don’t mind saying that our service is second to none because we now have 57 years in the industry so helping you navigate all those signs and road rules you see while driving down the street is our responsibility. Our driving school covers a large area in North Brisbane including Ashgrove, Enoggera, The Gap and Geebung just to name a few.


The road signs drivers get wrong and don’t obey most:


You must be going 60 km/h before you reach the road work sign and you can’t increase your speed until after a Road works end sign or a higher speed sign.


rail crossing

You must stop your vehicle at the required road marking as soon as the red lights start flashing. You cannot proceed until the red lights stopped flashing, not like most drivers who go when the boom gate begins to rise. Also for your safety check left and right before crossing.

turn left

You will see this road sign at an intersection controlled by traffic lights with what is called a slip lane. You still have to give way to pedestrians, cyclists as well as vehicles.


Another big misinterpreted road rule is you can only do a u-turn at traffic lights where there is a road sign stating u-turn permitted.


All over North Brisbane, Brisbane, Queensland and Australia the biggest road safety sign missed and disobeyed is the school zone road sign. A big majority of them now have flashing lights so you can’t miss being a safe driver.

Road signs all over Brisbane and the nation are designed to protect pedestrians, cyclist and vehicles. If the road signs were obeyed there wouldn’t be nearly as many road incidents. Mostly, road signs are missed and disobeyed because of driver distraction.

So to get it right; book in with Ace Driving School northside; you won’t be disappointed with our road safety instruction.


Photo credit: Lenny K Photography via Visual Hunt /  CC BY