1How many lessons do I need before I am ready for my test?
Everyone has a different learning ability. However, some people may only need a few lessons and others require more. It also depends on the frequency of lessons and previous experience. Keep in mind, we at Ace suggest no matter which driving school you choose, have one or two lessons and then ask your instructor to give you an approximate estimate. Please note, you may also need to take into account the hours of supervised driving required in your Log Book.
2Can you book my driving test for me?
3What is a booking fee?
The government test booking fee is a fee charged by Queensland Transport for you to book a test.
4Can you pick me up from school and take me home when finished?
Yes, we can pick up from home, work or school & drop off at these locations as well.
5How do I pay for my lesson?
We accept cash & credit card (mastercard & visacard)

10 Hours Of Lessons With ACE
Equals 30 Hours In Your Log Book

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