Know Your Road Rules

Defensive Driver
October 29, 2016

Know Your Road Rules


Knowing and obeying road rules are as important as being in control of your vehicle. Road rules are not just made to suit cars.

Road rules are made to help keep safe, motorists, motor bike riders, cyclists, pedestrians, trucks, vehicles towing as well as machinery. If all the users of road rules complied, the thorough fares would be a safer environment for all.

It is one thing to call yourself a good driver because you can accelerate, use brakes and change gears smoothly and you get from A to B in one piece. But how many road rules did you break and how many times did you put yourself and others in danger without even realising it?

Road rules are there for a reason and you can brush up on your knowledge by going online to or give Paul a call and book a refresher lesson now.  By doing this you will not only benefit yourself but you may also save someone else’s life.