Be a responsible driver and do these 5 things, post driving school

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September 6, 2017
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Be a responsible driver and do these 5 things, post driving school

Join the Drive

Graduating driving school fills you with endorphins and dreams of speeding off into the sunset. But, as it’s said in the Queensland Government’s ‘Join the Drive’ campaign, settle down stallion! Besides this, we have five other ways for you to be a responsible driver, post driving school.



  • Put the phone away

Mobile phones contribute to over 80% of on-road accidents every year. Your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds are sources of distraction that don’t belong in your car. Especially not when you’re driving.

When you hear your phone buzz or if someone’s calling you, resist the urge to check immediately. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye, when you’re not looking or paying attention. To avoid temptation, put your phone in the glovebox or in another place you can’t reach it until you get to where you need to go.



  • Stay dry

The designated driver is a hero on Friday nights out. Don’t see it as you missing out on having fun. Rather, it’s more important to make sure your friends get home safely.

When you graduate driving school and buy a car of your own, you have the freedom to make all these choices. And they impact others. When you take on the role as ‘designated driver’, don’t buckle under the pressure to ‘have just one’. Remember, you’re the responsible one.



  • Put your mates up

Walking home or driving when over-tired or intoxicated is just plain dangerous to both pedestrians and drivers. Join the Drive Queensland has come up with a brilliant idea called ‘Mates Motel’. The site has videos, tips, and even a menu post-party night.

If you’re hosting a party, it’s easy to be responsible even if you’re not the one driving. Don’t let your friends go home in the car or on foot if they’ve enjoyed a few too many. Let them crash in the spare bed or on the couch.


There's even a menu, made with leftovers!

There’s even a menu, made with leftovers!


  • Get insured

During your learner days, when you weren’t in the driving school car you were most likely using your parent’s or guardian’s. Now that you’re a P-plater you can drive your own car. Ask your parents for advice and shop around for CTP insurance. If you don’t have a car yet but you’re insured on your family’s policy, contribute to the monthly cost your parent’s pay.



  • Reality check

Overconfidence can kill. Your instructor and your guardian was there to keep you grounded during your driving school days. But now that you’re on your own, the excitement takes over and it’ll stop you from giving your full attention to the road. You’re not crash-proof, so don’t act like it.