Safe Driving Is Everyone’s Responsibility

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October 29, 2016
Driver Training
October 29, 2016

Safe Driving Is Everyone’s Responsibility


Driving safely on our roads plays a really important role for anyone who wishes to get and keep their driver’s license.

Safe Driving Involves many specific driving techniques. Here are but a few slightly broader categories::

  1. Obeying all road rules (it is broadly understood that learner drivers are allowed minor infractions; how else are you meant to learn to drive.? )
  2. Driving in a safe manner
  3. Respect other road users
  4. Maintain good safety margins
  5. Scanning left and right in general driving and before intersections.

If you call Ace Driving School and ask us to teach your Son, Daughter, Niece, Nephew or Grandchild how to pass their driving test, I will tell you that we will teach that person how to drive safely and legally and also teach them defensive driving techniques. With that knowledge, those safety skills and the right attitude to learning through Ace they will pass their driving test.

We will also give you a 10 page hand out full of information about safe driving and tips so you also can help teach your friend or family member how to drive safely.

It is our passion and responsibility to teach our clients in the correct and safest way possible. I know you won’t be disappointed. Our instructors have the highest quality in training.

Give us a call so we can get your friends or family off to a safe start in their driving future.

As always, drive safely.