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May 12, 2017
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June 8, 2017

The Learner’s Creed

learner's creed

Drivers under 25 are the most prone to accidents. This is why the insurance companies make the excesses (in the event of an accident) really high. What we would like to impress on you is don’t become one of those statistics. Drive safely and without distraction. Don’t text while driving. To make a phone call first pull off the side of the road. Don’t allow other passengers to distract you. Stay focused on the job at hand and stay alert.


Remaining patient while driving is possibly one of the most important aspects we can encourage of you. Things are constantly changing on the road and often other drivers will do things that infringe on the safe space we try to keep around our car as we drive. Be patient. Increase your distance between the car in front of you. Check your rear view mirror regularly. Remaining patient will help you stay in control of your situation and to think clearly.


We would like you to consider the following creed to apply to your driving habits…


“I have the responsibility to myself, my family, my friends, my passengers, my fellow workmates and to all other road users, not just to be a good enough driver to obtain a licence, but one which accepts and recognises that there is more to safe driving. Therefore, while learning and immediately after obtaining my licence with Ace Driving School, I will endeavour to always drive in a safe manner and learn as much as possible to maintain the highest possible safe driving performance throughout my lifetime.”


Because most people unconsciously neglect their full driving responsibilities once they are licensed, I ask all customers to consciously make this above commitment between us.


Ace wishes you safe and happy motoring