Things to expect from your driving lesson

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Driving School Brisbane Northside
April 7, 2017
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Driving School North Brisbane
April 17, 2017

Things to expect from your driving lesson

driving lesson

Each driving lesson changes from student to student depending on your progress. But what you learn remains the same. In Australia, learners must complete 100 hours of driving before their test, so you can expect to practice some of these manoeuvres during lessons.



Entering and exiting motorways are a daunting task but the driving instructor will guide the student step-by-step. Tackling the motorway won’t happen until the student is further along in their driving lessons (sometimes their seventh or eighth).


Hill start

There comes a time when no other parking space on flat ground is available and you have to park on a hill. Starting on a hill is just as tricky until the student does it a few times. Just remember to keep your hand on the brake and gently accelerate out of the steep angle of the park.



One of the driving lesson basics. Drivers must follow certain procedures at the roundabout; stay in the correct lane. Always indicate if you are turning left or right or doing a u-turn. Before exiting, use your left indicator and follow the exit lane marking. Stop indicating once you have exited the roundabout. Not following these steps correctly might result in an accident.


All kinds of parking

In many driving lessons, you go through the motions of parking and what kind is suitable for the area you’re in. If you’re in a residential suburb and there’s space between cars, you parallel park. Your driving instructor might take you to parking lot and tell you to reverse in during another lesson.
There’s no such thing as a “typical” driving lesson and what you do depends on how far you are in your progress. A driving instructor won’t make their students do anything unsafe and can take control when necessary. Students might start with parking before moving on to roundabouts. Next might be hill starts before the instructor takes you to the motorway. There’s 100 hours to complete, after all.