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October 29, 2016
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October 29, 2016

Training Vehicle


As a driving school,  all of our training vehicles used for pre-license driver training must be registered for the that purpose. These vehicles must be inspected annually by the department of transport to make sure that the vehicle is safe to drive and roadworthy.

Training vehicles must:

  1. have dual controls fitted.
  2. a rear view mirror fitted for the driving instructor to use.
  3. an L-plate fitted to the front and rear that is 14.6cm x 14.6cm and is clearly visible.
  4. signage which displays the name of the driving school.
  5. be kept in a clean, tidy and odour-free condition, and,
  6. be registered for their intended purpose.

At Ace Driving School we take pride and are very particular about our vehicles meeting the above conditions.

Our aim is to provide you with a quality experience that you will be happy to tell people about.