Driving lessons in a manual or an automatic?

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April 28, 2017
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May 5, 2017

Driving lessons in a manual or an automatic?

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Before you start your driving lessons you must make an important decision. Manual or automatic? Learning to drive is more than knowing speed limits and mastering roundabouts. Both types of transmissions have their pros and cons and the final decision is up to you.



Manual transmission vehicles are more for those who have an interest in grasping the inner workings of their car. People have been learning, and driving, in these cars for generations. You might choose to go for a manual driving lesson because;

You have more reach; when you have a manual licence, you can drive both types of transmissions. Plus, when there’s a need to rent a car, you have peace of mind when no automatic models are available.

More control; drivers must have a certain mindset in a manual car. They can feel the performance and change gears if needs be to make the car run better on the road or at a certain speed.

Though, you might not like the idea of a manual lesson because;

There’s more to remember; yes, there’s more to learn. That means it’ll take longer to gain your licence. The driving instructor will spend a few lessons to make sure their students have gotten a sense of the gearbox and how to work it properly.



These cars are more widespread on the road and are the preference when taking driving lessons.

No gear shift; when students are on a hill, they don’t need to reach down to the gearbox. All they need to do is accelerate a bit more (depending on what the instructor says).

No sudden stops; having said that, the student isn’t at risk of the car stalling after putting it in the wrong gear. This is stressful in heavy traffic situations, not to mention a bit awkward.

But not all students want to have their driving lesson in an automatic car.

Loss of control; manual cars are more efficient when in the correct gear. If it’s not, learner drivers can easily change it. Better efficiency also means you avoid wasting petrol.